Software, Programming Language, Networking

A programming language is an artificial language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer. Programming languages can be used to create programs that control the behavior of a machine and/or to express algorithms precisely.
We can find to many programming language :
• Pascal
• C++
• Visual Basic
• Visual Foxpro

Information Network

A LAN (Local Area Network) is a system whereby individual PCs are connected together within a company or organization
A WAN (Wide Area Network) as the name implies allows you to connect to other computers over a wider area (i.e. the whole world).

Use network
If ten people are working together within an office it makes sense for them all to be connected.
• In this way the office can have a single printer and all ten people can print to it.
• In a similar way other devices such as modems or scanners can be shared.
• Even more useful is the ability to share information when connected to a network.

Computers in Daily Life

• Accounts
• Games
• Educational
• On-line banking
• Smart ID cards
• Supermarkets
• Working from home (Tele-working)
• Internet

Computer Virus

Viruses are small programs that hide themselves on your disks (both flashdisk and your hard disk). Unless you use virus detection software the first time that you know that you have a virus is when it activates. Different viruses are activated in different ways.

How do viruses infect PCs?

Viruses hide on a disk and when you access the disk (either a diskette or another hard disk over a network) the virus program will start and infect your computer. The worst thing about a computer virus is that they can spread from one computer to another, either via use of infected flashdisk, or over a computer network, including the Internet.

Software Copyright

• Be aware on software copyright issues
• Freeware
• Shareware
• What about software that you find on the Internet?
• Software site licenses

Software Copyright

• If your computer system holds information about individuals then you have a moral and legal duty to treat that information with respect.
• In a free society you have a right to ensure that information held about you is not abused.
• In many countries this right is enshrined under data protection laws

Exercises Meeting-4

1. Programming Language is ….
2. Give the examples of Programming Language….
3. What is the meaning Networking ?
4. Mentioned kind of networking ?
5. How do viruses infect PC’s ?
6. Give the examples of anti virus as you know ?

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